I was born in Varallo, a small village near the Alps, now I live and work in Milan.

My paintings are trips in the unconscious.

Every time I approach one of my paintings is like to begin a trip. I know roughly where I want to go, but I don’t know exactly what I will find on the road, and how many times I will have to modify my path; maybe at the end of the route I will have learnt something new or I will be deeply changed. When I paint, I feel extraordinary free and in a sort of connection with myself. My paintings are a kind of personal diary, friends with whom I can open myself without fear.

Painting is healing for me: I feel the physical need to be totally absorbed by the creative process, in the middle of my colors, surrounded by the paintings that I love.

I used to paint with oils; now I use acrylics, enamels, pigments; usually on Italian stretched canvases, more rarely, on paper. I use brushes, knives, spray bottles, or I drip the colors. I appreciate also the wonderful technique of engraving.

I have been travelling a lot in my life, and my source of inspiration are often pictures that I've taken in my trips: natural or architectural landscapes; or images that I create in my fantasy.

I love to experiment creating textures and to see the harmony that springs from shapes and colors.



High school (specializing in classical studies)

Bocconi University – Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Business - Milano